Tara builds trust and respect through listening and caring. And once trust is there, she is a warm demander. She cares about her clients inside and out, and she is deeply committed to their growth. So, in her gentle but firm way, she will ask you to join with her to move forward, take a risk, test your own assumptions. A natural care giver, Tara lets you know that you have a partner and a collaborator as you move through your work together.
- Marianne

I will be forever grateful to have met Tara and to have worked with her. I have struggled with food issues and eating partially related to a mental illness, but also related to medications I take for my mental illness. I came to Tara looking for help accepting my body (knowing my mental illness and my meds are here to stay) and how to forge a clear path forward making better choices with food and in life more generally. With her wise guidance and nurturing I was able to dig so much deeper. I have been putting others before myself for a long time now. I had let go of my dreams and was struggling to make important life decisions as I furiously worked to take care of those around me. She helped me to prioritize myself in my own life and so much good is coming out of this change. I feel like I can breathe again. The eating and positive feelings about my body and myself are all falling into place now that I’m carving back out a space for myself in my life. Tara is so skilled, insightful, and patient. Her tremendous coaching has giving me a life back. One that I couldn’t be more excited about!


Working with Tara has been nothing short of life transforming. I came to health coaching seeking ways to boost my mood and energy during the winter months, when I tend to find myself in a slump. From our first meeting together, Tara began guiding me toward a whole new way of approaching my body and feelings, grounded in self-acceptance and love. I have discovered that emotions, even the ‘bad’ ones, have things to teach me, and learned to accept their gifts. I feel lighter, more free, and truly happier than I have in a long time after 2 months of coaching with Tara. If you are considering hiring a health coach, I strongly encourage you to book an appointment with Tara! She’s truly a wonderful guide and I feel so grateful to have her in my life.

I am so grateful to have found Tara. The timing could not have been more perfect. I had hit my bottom with my obsession with food, and did not know where else to turn when feeling overwhelmed with my emotions. Tara was a breath of fresh air for me, a safe space, and a nurturing woman I could rely on (and still can reach out to) for every aspect of my life. Working with Tara went beyond the physicality of food and the impact it has on my body. We dove deep into what I had been through in my past, what my life looks like now, and how I see my best self. Tara met me where I was at in the first session, and continued to show up in this way, until the focus slowly shifted away from eating this food vs. that food, and became more and more about how I, as a woman in the world, wanted to show up. The nuggets of wisdom and life changes I’ve made from working with Tara have become a part of my being. She is such a beautiful gift to this world, and a unique woman for anyone struggling with weight and food obsession. I highly recommend her!

My intention in meeting Tara was purely for nutrition facts. I just wanted a simple overview of things when it comes to self care. I wanted surface level information. I was ready for “information” (which isn’t new to any of us since we are bombarded with it day in and day out whether we want it or not). Those internet feeds, highlight reels and ads that beg for our attention along with the contents of our wallets. The seemingly endless messages on of how to calculate self-worth through gym time, career path, shiny things, and how far along you are on the path towards a white picket fence with some kiddos running around.

When I found Tara I was ready for more information, what I wasn’t ready for was a certain warm someone that comes with the knowledge of actual self-worth. I wasn’t expecting to face certain truths that would help set me free from mindsets and negative thought patterns that no longer served me. I was not expecting for life to bring me to a new season of growth and have a safe place for guidance in this transition. I’ve come to learn through our sessions together that life will call you forward in ways you weren’t expecting but it will send you the right people to guide you through the process.

I have found confidence in this new direction life is leading me towards. Your time spent working with Tara will be well worth it no matter what your initial reason is that causes you to click on a ‘free info session’. So from someone on the other side of the leap, let me just say it’s safe over here, it’s not always easy but it’s worth it. She is a safe place and warm heart that genuinely cares, which is something we all need a little more of in life.

When I found Tara I was at rock bottom. I had been working with therapists for years, on and off medications, but was still missing a key member of ‘my team’. At that point, I would say I felt like I was barely living. Going through the motions every day, getting myself to work, but nothing much more than that. I felt angry, hopeless and undeserving of the good I saw other experiencing in life.

I knew reasons why I had felt the way I did about myself, but with Tara I found the skills to help change the voices in my head and be proud of who I was.

Our work together was kinda like therapy, but better and different. It felt more like a friend that was cheering me on while keeping me accountable. A friend that truly wanted to help me succeed and had the skills to help. While challenging and somewhat daunting at times, the overall experience was incredibly fulfilling and I would suggest everyone try it at some point in their life. It was the help and hug I needed. Unconditional support.