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Hi, I'm Tara...

As a Mind Body Eating Coach I guide women to re-examine their relationship with food and body. I believe that wellness doesn't start with the food we eat or how much we exercise, it starts from the inside and slowly reshapes our beliefs, our bodies and our lives.

Together we'll dive deeper into behaviors and beliefs, while shining a light on aspects of life that need to be seen, planting seeds for change and creating new ways for living.

I'm here to create a container for growth in which the women of today, and the women of our future have a space where they are empowered to live the life they deeply desire.

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Did I spark your interest? Find out how and why my approach to wellness is different from what we are taught.

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I coach women to harness their inner-power, develop confidence in their bodies that evolves from self-compassion.

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I believe we were given this life to live! Wholeheartedly. Lovingly. Boldly. Authentically. Imperfectly.

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