Welcome to Soulful Medicine. As an Eating Psychology and Holistic Health Coach I guide clients to re-examine their relationship with food and body, to dive deeper into their behaviors and beliefs, and to shine a light on aspects of life that have been overlooked or forgotten. I empower women to take back their lives, to heal deeply, and to live fully.

Food is not the problem, the relationship we have with food is a symptom. It is our body’s wisdom, our soul’s pain, asking us to take a deeper look, To see what really needs to be seen,  To feel what needs to be felt. 

My desire is to create a container for growth in which the women of today, and the women of our future have a space where they are empowered. A place where they can tap into who they are, what drives them and what desires are yearning to be explored.  I coach women to harness their inner-power so they are able to engage the world from a place of confidence in their bodies, compassion in their hearts, mindfulness in their actions, and deep connection with their soul.



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